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Water Features

Water features are a wonderful and simple way to bring an immediate focus to your garden. Water takes on a life of its own, and in a simple basin, can simply reflect the sky and plants around it, or if you add a pump, can make wonderful sounds and provide more movement and light.

Providing a birdbath will also draw birds to your yard, and damp places are wonderful for crickets and salamanders.

There are a wide variety of pre-formed pond shapes and liners that are fairly simple to install below grade and then plant around. With a bit of elevation, a small stream bed can be created that falls into a basin and is then re-circulated.

There are also a wide variety of sizes and shapes of basins and fountains, which can bring serenity or calming energy to different parts of your yard. I like to bring water features near enough so they can be heard and enjoyed through an open window or patio door and they also make wonderful destination points at the end of pathways.

Maintenance of your water feature includes resealing fountains, pump and filter maintenance de-chlorinating your water if you have fish (and providing them refuge from raccoons, if that is an issue), and keeping water levels at their proper levels.
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