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Container Gardens



Container gardens provide instantaneous gratification –they are miniature gardens you can put wherever you choose.  Both plants and pots are enhanced in association with each other—and the interplay of container with plant allows me to be hugely creative and imaginative.  Simple irrigation systems can be attached to water the pots frequently.

We have a dazzling array of pots and containers to choose from—urns from Morocco, high-fired pots inpotsblues, greens, reds, purples, and tans to browns from Vietnam and Indonesia, Italian terra cotta as well as hand painted pots, stone planters, half wine barrels and hanging baskets… There are colors, shapes and sizes available to accommodate almost any taste or style from formal to whimsical.

  • Pots can instantly brighten up dull areas, frame doorways, are perfect for patios, and look great against walls. 
  • They provide a way to highlight plants that might not do as well in the ground competing with weeds or hardier plants. 
  • They are great for enclosed spaces such as balconies and rooftop terraces.
  • Containers are perfect for a wide variety of herbs, which love sun and can spread aggressively in the garden, as well as veggies which are nice to have near your kitchen door.
  • Pots are great to use in difficult to plant areas such as beneath large trees or where there are many surface roots.
  • Bulbs are great in containers—and once they are done flowering, they can be moved to a different part of the yard.

From trees—citrus, evergreens, topiary, and Japanese maples to shrubs, grasses, perennials, succulents, and annuals—there are no shortage of fantastic plants to choose from to provide interest throughout the year.

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