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Garden Maintenance

Proper garden maintenance is essential—from elaborate and imaginative landscapes to simple yards, your garden will look its best and be enjoyed most when it is properly maintained, receiving proper irrigation, and full of plants that do well for your area.

The most thoughtfully designed garden will not look good if there are weeds, problems in the irrigation system, and/or if plants, trees, and shrubs receive improper pruning at the wrong time. Similarly, even a simple garden is pleasing to look at and enjoy if it is weeded and mulched, and the plants and lawn are happy.

Services I provide with garden maintenance include
• Regular fertilization
• Annual assessment of supplemental planting needs
• Proper maintenance and seasonal adjustment of your irrigation system
• Reliable monthly, bi-monthly maintenance visits
• Skilled knowledge of plant, shrub, and tree care and pruning
• Seasonal clean-up of your yard

I do not use pesticides and use herbicides only extremely sparingly--I like to garden naturally. If a plant is struggling or diseased, I assess why it is doing poorly: whether it has been planted in the right environment, if it is receiving proper watering, if it is a plant prone to the disease, if it needs iron or additional fertilization, or if it needs to be replaced. I use a low-impact or natural approach to deal with thrips, fuchsia mites, scale, rose diseases, and many other common plant challenges.

I prioritize training and retaining wonderful employees who are extremely skilled gardeners themselves, and who have worked with me for up to seven years. Through hiring me you are helping me provide a living wage for my employees as well.
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