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Unless you have chosen extremely drought-tolerant or native plants, proper irrigation is the foundation of your thriving garden. Proper watering will ensure your plants are kept happy, and can put their energy into growing and flowering. Water-deprived plants are susceptible to sunburn and become weakened and vulnerable to many diseases, and you can stress or kill plants through over-watering as well.
You may have many different watering needs in your yard: frequent, short watering of lawns, perennials and groundcover that need less frequent watering, shrubs and trees that prefer infrequent, deep watering that will help their roots grow down through the soil, veggie beds that thrive with frequent water, and pots, which need small amounts of regular water as well.

A shady garden will need less frequent watering than beds with full southern exposure, or plants transpiring away on a windy hillside. A newly planted yard will also need more frequent irrigation than a yard full of well-established plants. The irrigation needs of your yard will also vary throughout the year, depending on rainfall, wind, and heat.

In seventeen years, I have worked with and repaired most of the different brands of irrigation systems available—both commercial and residential. I can repair old galvanized piping and sprinklers, as well as replacing valves and entire systems or extending parts of your existing system. I install conventional overhead high-pressure systems to water lawns or dense plantings as well as installing low-pressure, low-volume irrigation systems that deliver specific amounts of water to each plant, and can choose an irrigation control timer that best fits your needs. I install copper pipe when irrigation lines are under constant pressure, use back-flow prevention to ensure the water supply does not become contaminated, and can also extend water lines and spigots into different parts of your garden.

Irrigation systems are a crucial part of most gardens and I have the knowledge and skill to maintain, repair, or extend already existing systems as well as installing new ones.
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