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I love to design gardens by creating a relationship between your family home and the outdoor space available to you. Gardens are places of joy for me—the living interface of your home with nature. I like to create garden spaces that are sanctuaries of color and light—home to exuberant life.

I take many different factors to heart when considering your landscape design: the style and color of your home, the available light and views, the proximity of buildings or streets with the attendant screening and privacy needs, and the overall feel that you want your garden to provide-- for example: 

A low-maintenance sleek design that complements the style of a modern home.
A cottage garden to frame a smaller east bay bungalow.
A woodland garden to incorporate surrounding elements such as native oaks, redwoods or hillsides or streams— and deer.
An open, light-filled, low-maintenance yard with sturdy plantings that can take wear and tear from kids and dogs including adding or re-sodding lawn areas or using ground cover alternatives.
Providing a garden with a tropical feel -- using bold colors, shapes and textures using succulents, palms, bromeliads, and other tropical plants.
Drought tolerant low-water use plants to simplify your ongoing garden maintenance needs.
Water features—few things breath life into a garden like the presence of water.
Working within your budget. Breaking your overall goals into affordable projects along with my recommendations to help create the garden of your dreams .
From formal plantings to Mediterranean or Japanese style plantings to Zen gardens that make use of stones, it is my passion to bring my experience and love of plants to work for your yard.

Supplemental design for established gardens:

For many gardens, I also rework neglected or overgrown areas of your yard by:
Adding additional plants to revitalize tired plantings, and seasonal planting so there is interest in your yard through the year.
Installing pathways, stairs or patios to bring energy into side or back yards.
Pruning trees and shrubs (or removing them) to add more light to overgrown yards.
Amending tired or poor soil

Overhauling and extending your irrigation system.
Adding pots around patios, entrances, or focal areas for added interest.

How much do you use your garden? We are blessed to live with fantastic weather, and gardens can be actively livable spaces throughout most of the year. I can add patio areas to create usable space for tables, chairs, and hammocks as well as lovely planting beds with perennials, grasses, shrubs, and annuals to create a garden you are drawn to spend time in.

How do you want energy to move through your yard, and which areas do you want to accentuate or frame? I can help create quiet meditative areas, play areas, vegetable gardens, patios for entertaining, and take into consideration the varied needs you have of your outdoor space.

Having worked in hundreds of gardens throughout the bay area, I have an excellent working knowledge of which plants work where, soil and climate considerations, as well as common garden problems or pitfalls and how to address them.
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